I don't know about you, but I WANT to create "all the things" but in reality - I want it to LOOK like Martha Stewart made it - but not spend half a day on it   Keep reading if you agree.

Valentine Craft Room

My high school French teacher said we were the "Sesame Street" generation...the first generation to have their attention span cut into 3-minute segments.  While I do agree, we've all lost our attention to a degree, but I don't want my life to LOOK like I've got the attention span of a goldfish.

Are you still with me? {WINK}

I recently saw an Instagram Post by Styled for Two of adorable marshmallows made into the faces of snowmen, tucked in hot chocolate.  Oh my, looked complicated - but I had to ask 'how'?  She pointed me to this tool that makes this stuff EASY!  Edible markers!  "What?!?", you say? This smart little tool will allow you to safely write on food and make those Insta worthy cups of cocoa or anything else!

gluten free marshmallow with edible markers

I got mine on Amazon - and they arrived super quickly.  The brand I chose was AmeriColor Gourmet Writer.

I found the Strawberries and Cream heart shaped marshmallows (made by Campfire and gluten free) at my local Wegman's grocery store.  You can get some gourmet marshmallows for Valentine's day online as well.

I merely wrote my message in the middle and dropped in my cocoa.  I will say that the texture of these marshmallows wasn't entirely smooth, so I did need to go over the letters a couple of times, but um, can you say genius!  

valentine mug with cocoa and heart marshmallow

So, pick up some edible markers and marshmallows!  Let me know if you try it and what you choose to write on.  Post a pic and tag me on Instagram (@enfeteparty) - I'd love to see your creation!

PS:  Those cute heart shaped cards are ready to pickup and write your love notes on over in my shop right now, so go grab a set. They are handmade and make you look extra thoughtful.


Quick Valentine Craft using Edible Markers