Wow,  winter has hit Virginia this week - and I'm hoarding all the cozy things from leg warmers to shoulder wraps - I don't like to be cold! (Does anyone?)

The irony isn't lost on me, as I sit down to share my baby shower ideas with you in this post - the weather this weekend here in Virginia had single digits overnight - IT IS COLD!   Grab some hot cocoa - let's plan a baby shower!

mug of cocoa to plan a baby shower

"Baby It's Cold Outside" is the perfect theme for a winter baby shower - complete with a hot cocoa bar and glittery silver and gold decorations.  Here are some tips from the baby boy shower I helped put together for a dear family friend.

A giant BABY M (baby's last name initial - the first name was still a secret!) balloon display, blue balloon bouquets ad a tassel garland became our backdrop for the living room. 

When you organize a winter (indoor) event - look for decor that will be of the right scale to your event.  Consider both the number of people attending and where people are likely to gather - the best way to make a room feel FULL and cozy is to have touches of the party decor all around the party area - but no one wants balloons bouncing off their heads or obstructing conversation. 

We could use these giant balloons because the room was big enough, even when full of people, but keep your venue size in mind before choosing GIANT balloons.


BABY M Baby Its Cold Outside Shower Balloons

I decided to greet guests right at the door with the theme - I tucked a "Baby It's Cold Outside"  glitter paper cutout in the Christmas wreath that was already on the front door. 

You can do something similar with snowflakes or fake snow sprayed on a wreath (tip - fake spray snow is a great way to hide a little dryness in a holiday wreath!)

Baby Its Cold Outside Wreath Decorations

Don't overdo the table decorations - if you're going to use the table to eat or play games - remember that guests will want to be able to see each other thru what you put in the middle of it. 

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silver and gold baby its cold outside

We created a simple table centerpiece of blue hydrangeas, baby's breath and candles,  surrounded by scattered sparkly confetti and plastic pacifier and  diaper pins.  We left it simple to allow guests t lots of room as this table was where a cute little hand illustrated the guests created alphabet cards.  

Baby Its Cold Outside table confetti

These are alphabet cards made by guests - the mom-to-be's sister later had it made into a book!

Alphabet Cards for handmade book

We setup the food around the kitchen island - tying balloons to the bouquet centerpieces and hanging banners under cabinets.  The balloons I used were white pearl along with clear balloons filled with white silver and gold confetti - and I tied them with sparkly white and gold ribbons as an anchor.

Baby Its Cold Outside Baby Shower Decorations

We setup a hot cocoa bar station in the corner of the kitchen - complete with toppings.

Baby Its Cold Outside Cocoa Bar

Don't be afraid to bring in punches of color if you have a specific color scheme set - these bright flowers were a great reminder that while it's cold outside - spring always returns.  I think one mistake hosts make with party decorating is that getting too caught up in a 'theme' - I often approach decorating for a party like decorating my house - I don't want everything to be 'matchy-matchy.'

Baby Its Cold outside cake

Of course the cake needed a sparkly topper -  and I chose silver and gold fondant snowflakes as the cake decorations.

Baby Its Cold Outside Cake

We used this armoire area as the backdrop for playing games and worked out well to hold our Baby Jeopardy Board.  We used lots of layered banners all around the house - giving sparkle to each corner.

Oh Baby Baby Shower Banner in Silver

We used the snow confetti poppers  from my shopas game prizes and tied them up in gold and silver polka dotted pacakging.

Snow Confetti Popper Baby Shower Favors

Pom Pom Banister Decorations

We had decor EVERYWHERE.  It was fun to fill a house with decorations and then layer in friends and a celebration of a new baby boy. It was a warm celebration of a little boy that was soon to arrive.

(That little boy is MAGIC by the way, and one of the happiest babies I know!)

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Oh Baby Baby shower napkins

Oh Baby Gold and Silver Baby SHower balloons

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Getting Winter Baby Shower Ideas and Sipping Cocoa