• Mermaid Party - Decorating Ideas She Will Love

  • Hosting a Kentucky Derby Party - 5 Must Try Ideas

    A Kentucky Derby Party to celebrate the running of the roses is one of those theme parties that sounds easy, but then what do you serve? How can you decorate ?

    Here are 5 Simple Ideas for a perfectly pulled together Kentucky Derby Party!
  • Mexican Wedding Cookies - Russian Teacakes

    This is one of our traditional family Christmas cookies that I adapted to gluten free about five years ago. I decided share this now so you have as super allergy friendly cookie for an afternoon tea party or bridal shower, since it seems EVERYONE has an allergy these days. Free of so many allergens, almost anyone (except those with nut allergies!) can eat them.
  • Confession...shhhh...I have a Dish "Problem"

    Shhhh! I have a confession to make. I might like dishes a little too much.

    I think this infatuation came from my mom. Ok, I know it did. She has been a collector of dishes for as long as I can remember. I remember going with her to pick out a new china cabinet that she was planning to finish herself when I was in grade school. I remember eagerly awaiting its completion so I could help arrange all the dishes inside.
  • Quick and Easy Easter Brunch - 7 Easy Ideas - With a Menu

    So, if you're like me, and your ideas are bigger than your time, or even your crafty-ness, here's seven simple and easy things to do for a lovely Easter brunch, including a simple menu plan
  • Gluten Free Hashbrown Crust Quiche

    My family is a little pack of Celiacs, so all my recipes are gluten free. This recipe is my version of a quiche I had while visiting the Low Country of South Carolina, while there for my son-in-laws Marine Corps Bootcamp graduation. It was a pleasant surprise to find a yummy little bakery down by the water with gluten free quiche! When we realized the crust was hashbrowns, I stuck it in my Pinterest mind-board filed under "Make this Someday".

    So here it is. My standard quiche recipe, baked in a hashbrown crust. You won't even care that it's gluten free - trust me!
  • On Their Mark - Adult Lemonade - Kentucky Derby Time

    While you don't have to serve these instead of Juleps, maybe add them to the mix. You can't go wrong with a little Kentucky Bourbon for Derby Day! Perfect Kentucky Derby cocktails that aren't mint juleps!
  • Gluten Free Spring Strawberry Salad with Bacon

    Gluten Free Spring Strawberry Salad - Farmer's Market Fare. Four servings of spring in a bowl!
  • Gluten Free Raspberry Jalapeno Vinaigrette

    Gluten Free Raspberry Jalapeno Dressing, quick and easy on a spring salad.
  • We're All Irish Today - Happy Birthday to my son!

    Twenty-four years ago today, in a blizzard in New England, my son was born. Can I tell you how many times the nurses jokingly asked if I was going to name him Patrick. Well, I didn't. And lucky for him, as his last name is Greene. Can you imagine growing up Patrick Greene, born March 17th. He is Irish by the way.