• Jam Glazed Chicken - Food for a BBQ!

    Gluten free and dairy free.

    This is one of those recipes you can make a HUGE batch of for a crowd (just double, triple or quadrupal the ingredients; plan 2-3 drumsticks per person.) It is SUPER easy. It can be used with any flavor combo, and if you wanna clean out all those remnants of six jars of jams and jellies - THIS IS YOUR RECIPE! Perfect for your backyard BBQ...breakout the red and white gingham and have a party!
    Gluten free and dairy free.
  • Rosemary and Sage Quick Refrigerator Pickles

    This is a much loved recipe of my mom, and I finally tried making is myself a few summers ago. They are perfect with a grilled cheese sandwich or a burger. I've packed them up in smaller jars for easy picnic sides.
    I recently picked up a large jar to double the recipe, since these disappear so fast! The recipe below can easily be doubled if you want to do the same. No processing required! Just into the fridge!
  • Luau Party Ideas - Indoors or Out!

    We recently had a special guest in our home - and when we said our 'until next times' I wanted it to be extra special. A tropical luau theme was the way to go. Of course the first time it had rained in a week, was the day of the Luau...but I had lots of extra decor on hand to dress up the dining room and make it special. Here's some tips you can use whether you throw your Luau inside or out. Don't be dismayed if it rains on a party you plan for outside. You can always move back the furniture and have a grand time.
  • Mango Iced Tea

    This mango iced tea recipe is perfect for a summer day, a picnic, BBQ or Luau party (that's why I made this!) and EASY. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan.
  • Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Basil Whipped Cream

    Gluten free strawberry shortcake - so unbelievably delicious - perfect for all your summer entertaining - from Baby Q's to 4th of July.
  • Gluten Free Cornmeal Cakes with Smoked Chicken and Coleslaw

    Gluten Free Cornmeal Cakes with Smoked Chicken and Coleslaw
    (Gluten free and Dairy Free)

    This is perfect dinner on the porch on a warm evening kind of dish. If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know my family is a pack of gluten-free Celiacs. I take many recipes and adapt them to be gluten free, but it HAS to taste good, has to be appealing to many palates, and has to be fairly easy (at least on a weeknight!)
  • Hilton Head - Low Country Boil

    We love to have seafood while at the sea, so why not a low country boil while vacationing in the low country of Hilton Head, SC.

    Here is our recipe for low country boil, which easily feeds a crowd of 12-14.
  • Gluten Free Spring Herb Potato Salad with Bacon Jam

    A delicious gluten free Herbed Potato Salad with Bacon Jam. Perfect for a backyard BBQ, picnic or easy dinner.
  • Unicorn Bark

    This unicorn bark super easy, and its even more special because of the 'hidden' sprinkles right inside the candy - using a little secret - Wilton's Colorburst Pastels Candy Melts. You can choose your favorite sprinkles - or copy mine!
  • Gluten Free S'mores for Your Camping Party

    Gluten free S'mores are PERFECT for a camping party -
    with food allergies everywhere - why not serve food at your party that can be eaten by those who are gluten free!
    Nothing is easier to make indoors or out for a quick dessert! These are perfect for a camping party.

    I've combined three delicious ingredients to make ours gluten free.

    Recipe makes 12 S'mores