• Gluten Free Linzer Cookies

    These happy little gluten free cookies are perfect for your Valentine. I make them every year for Christmas - but they are perfect all year round. Try different types of fruit jams - seasonally (strawberry-rhubarb would be fantastic for 4th of July.) They are always a favorite, and usually the first cookie to disappear. When Deanna comes home, she always asks me "Mom, did you make the Linzers?" They take a little time, but they are so worth the effort!
  • Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower Ideas for a Little Boy Shower

    A "Baby It's Cold Outside" is the perfect theme for a winter baby shower - complete with a hot chocolate bar and glittery silver and gold decorations. Here's some tips from the shower I helped put together for a dear family friend.

    Go grab some hot cocoa - let's plan a baby shower!
  • Quick Valentine Crafts - Simple and Fast - Kid Friendly!

    Using edible markers to draw on marshmallows is the PERFECT easy way to take your Valentine's Day up one Martha Stewart level. If you've ever wondered how to get those Instagram-worthy cups of hot cocoa, keep reading.
  • Butterhorn Rolls - Gluten Free and Light and Fluffy

    These light and fluffy gluten free rolls are perfect for holidays and entertaining. While they are gluten-free, they are so delicious you won't feel like you're sacrificing by serving these. While they do take some time, they are worth the effort.
  • Chocolate Cake Shots - an Easy and Fun Way to Kick Off Any Celebration

    Pretty little cups of what looked like something lemon flavored were lined up on the counter - complete with sugared rims and mini lemon slices. They made me smile, then twist my lips when Lisa said "Chocolate Cake shots, just try them." Oh my, mind completely blown by how it tasted. I'm still scratching my head at the alchemy of it - nothing chocolate used, but I dare you to say it doesn't taste just like licking the spoon from chocolate cake batter!
  • My Home for Christmas - What I love to Collect

    Here is a little inside look at our home this Christmas 2018. All the kids have come back home to celebrate - Alex, Deanna, and Kate - my now-adult kids. It's been a year of lots of changes for us and I'm glad we're all home together to bring this year to a close. Come see my bottle brush trees and vintage bulbs that I just can't seem to have enough of!
  • A Easy Hot Cocoa Bar

    Setup a hot chocolate bar in just a few easy steps - you only need a few toppings and a cute staged area!
  • Rose Gold Gift Guide

    I had to. I'm still obsessed with Rose Gold. Judge if you must.

    Check out these FUN rose gold items as part of my 2018 Gift Guides.
  • A Lumberjack Baby Shower

    I recently hosted my friend's baby shower, and she's expecting A BOY!
    Since it was only a few weeks after Christmas, and winter, we went with a Lumberjack Themed Baby Shower - complete with evergreen trees and rosemary! (Can I tell you how good that smelled!) Of course there was LOTS of buffalo check in red and black. (For an alternate idea, you can use ivory and black or green and black colors as well!)
  • Gluten Free Pressed Cookies - Perfect for Valentine's Day or Christmas Cookies

    Crisp and buttery tasting, these gluten free pressed cookies are perfect for so many occasions - make fun shapes for children's parties, flower shapes for bridal showers, wreaths and trees for Christmas or hearts for Valentine's Day!